The Core Academy is specialized in training and coaching during or after pregnancy.

We provide courses and develop training programs for professionals working with (soon to be) mothers. Coaches and trainers will get the information and tools needed to be able to guide and support women during the pre- and post-natal period.

  • Are you a (sports) coach, fitness professional (personal) trainer or CrossFit affiliate owner?
  • Do you work with women?
  • Do you know which of the women you work with have children and if so, how long ago they gave birth?
  • Do you know if the women still have complaints related to their pregnancy or delivery?
  • Do you know how you can coach these women, know what you can expect while working with them, which questions need to be asked or how to properly scale movements?
  • Do you work with pregnant women, women who have recently given birth, or women who still have complaints regarding pregnancy or childbirth?
  • Do you want the knowledge necessary to confidently assist women with a safe and healthy pregnancy or recovery after childbirth?

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In our course we cover what happens to the body during a pregnancy, labor, birth and post-partum. Participants will also learn the effects and influences pregnancy and birth have on the body, on exercising and the demands that can be made on the body. We talk in depth about where your focus as coach or trainer needs to be, as well as which information is essential in understanding your client, their body, (work) capacity and needs. Students learn when and how to adapt and scale workouts so that every woman can train in a safe, responsible (and fun!) way.

The course is developed for fitness professionals, coaches, trainers and box (CrossFit affiliate) owners who wish to help women train in a safe, fun and effective manner during the pre- and post-natal period.

Level 1: training and coaching during and after pregnancy

  • The physical and mental changes that occur during pregnancy and post-partum
  • The influence pregnancy has on the female body and the demands placed on the body
  • Which exercises and movements are suitable and which aren’t – and what a coach needs to be aware of
  • The complications and risks that can present themselves, how to recognize them and what to do when they arise
  • How to scale and adjust movements and workouts
  • How long an exercise regime needs to be adjusted after giving birth, and what an adjusted program looks like
  • The ins- and outs of the pelvic floor and pelvis
  • Everything you need to know about things like ‘diastase’ and ‘prolapse’

Level 2: full day of practice

  • Level 2 is a day full of practice. We are going to show what all the theory from the level 1 course looks like on the floor, in the gym or in the park
  • The day starts with a quiz to check your knowledge (no test, just for yourself to know where you stand and which subjects need more attention)
  • We work with personas and case studies to make the information personal. In groups you are going to write training programs for these case studies
  • You are going to train your classmates as if they were your case studies: you are the trainer and you are also the mother (to be) when your classmate is the trainer. Both situations offer important insights
  • We make progressions and regressions of workouts and training programs for women in different stages and situations
  • We pay attention to checking clients for diastasis recti in several positions and during movement
  • We dive deeper into breathing, posture and alignment
  • We translate the training to situations in daily life and help you do this for your clients
  • We discuss lifestyle recommendations that support your clients’ health and help them maintain a healthy pregnancy and make a strong recovery


Training and coaching during and after pregnancy


The day consists of the necessary theory regarding coaching women during and after a pregnancy. Also we have session to allow students to apply the theory in practical exercises.


Since this is a specialty course, we expect students to have a relevant sport theory background and/or education.


The Level 1 and level 2 is a one-day training (from 10.00 until 17.00).


  • participants receive the presented theory and guidelines
  • Access to the online community (Facebook) where certified trainers and coaches share questions, experiences and knowledge
  • Before the course participants receive a digital consultation form regarding goals and aspirations for the course


After participating in our course students have the necessary knowledge regarding training and coaching women during or after pregnancy, are able to coach and advise these women and know when to refer to a specialist.

Who is the Level 1 & 2 designed for? For trainers, coaches and other fitness professionals.

Exemption policy: not applicable

Study load: there is no preparation or home-study necessary- everything you need to know you learn in 1 day during the course

Study Material: after the course students receive the PowerPoint presentation and an overview with tips and tricks

Cost: 250 euro per person (tax free)

Exam and certificate: Upon active participation and completion of the whole course participants receive a certificate and a digital certification logo

Upcoming courses

Level 1: Training and coaching after en during pregnancy
Saturday September 18th
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
CrossFit Grandi101 Reykjavik

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Level 2: Training and coaching after en during pregnancy
Sunday September 19th 2021
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
CrossFit Grandi101 Reykjavik

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€ 450,-
18 + 19 September 2021
CrossFit Grandi101 Reykjavik Iceland

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